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      1. Improve Availability with Global Managed DNS

        Make sure your cloud properties are always available, to all your worldwide users, with global Anycast DNS featuring blazing fast resolutions, near real-time update propagation, and the security-first posture of our entire edge platform.

        Improve Availability with Global Managed DNS
        Global Anycast

        Global Anycast

        StackPath DNS is powered by a worldwide Anycast network built within the same advanced network infrastructure as all services in our platform. Our customized network and computing hardware in every PoP can service any DNS request or record change at lightning speeds. End users get exceptionally low query latency.

        You get nearly instantaneous DNS record management changes, ideal for faster migrations, scalability, and failover actions.

        Fast Resolution

        DNS data is held and served right at the cloud’s edge.

        Smart Routing

        DNS traffic is automatically routed to the most optimal DNS server.

        Near Real-time Propagation

        All DNS updates pushed worldwide in seconds.

        High Performance

        High Performance

        Available. Reliable. Scalable. StackPath DNS is designed for the most demanding applications and the organizations that love them. It leverages the strength and design of our network infrastructure to deliver the highest performance and minimize operational challenges as well as business risk.

        Redundancy and Optimization

        With queries serviced by every PoP, there is no single point of failure and an infinite number of routing options.

        Automated Scaling

        Smart capacity and performance scaling, worldwide, deftly reacts to query spikes without human intervention (yours or ours).

        Built-in Load Balancing and Failover

        Intelligent traffic management and seamless handoffs minimizes, if not eliminates, DNS bottlenecks and downtime.

        Guaranteed Uptime

        As with all StackPath services, our DNS comes with a 100% uptime for organizations of any size.

        Secure by Default

        Secure by Default

        StackPath DNS puts our entire secure platform between your properties and every name query. Platform-wide protections including DDoS, 2FA, and more—all with no additional charges—provide DNS that’s as safe as it is speedy.

        Platform-wide DDoS Protection

        Network-level DDoS mitigation technologies protect all StackPath services by default from Level 3 through 5 DDoS attacks.

        DNSSEC (coming soon)

        A higher order of authentication protects against forged or altered DNS data, commonly used for DNS cache poisoning.

        Additional Features

        IPv6 Support

        StackPath DNS provides IPv6-compliant Recursive DNS, with more IPv6 functionality and support coming soon.

        3rd Party Friendly

        StackPath DNS works with services outside of our platform, providing our security and performance advantages to legacy workloads.

        Platform Native

        StackPath DNS works even better with other StackPath services, providing faster first bytes as well as streamlined setup and operations.

        Need a customized high-volume plan?

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        Get CDN, WAF, DNS, and Monitoring all in one package. First month free on select Plans.


        Edge Delivery 20

        For professional websites and blogs with standard content and average traffic levels.

        • CDN – 1TB/mo Bandwidth
        • WAF – 5M/mo Requests & 5 Rules
        • DNS – 2M/mo DNS Requests
        • Monitoring – 1 Service
        One Month Free Trial

        Edge Delivery 200

        For SMB websites, digital stores, SaaS properties and more with rich content and moderate traffic.

        • CDN – 10TB/mo Bandwidth
        • WAF – 10M/mo Requests & 10 Rules
        • DNS – 5M/mo DNS Requests
        • Monitoring – 5 Services

        Edge Delivery 2000

        For large cloud properties, applications, and platforms with advanced requirements.

        • CDN – 100TB/mo Bandwidth
        • WAF – 50M/mo Requests & 20 Rules
        • DNS – 10M/mo DNS Requests
        • Monitoring – 10 Services

        Global Managed DNS

        Ensure fast availability of your websites and apps.

        • 2M/mo DNS Queries
        • Unlimited DNS Zones
        • Unlimited DNS Records
        • Global Anycast Network
        • Network Layer DDoS Protection
        One Month Free Trial

        Easy to Manage

        StackPath DNS is designed to allow you to manage and control it on your terms.
        Learn more ?

        Simple Setup

        Simple Setup

        Our customer portal’s streamlined workflows make setup and management simple. So you can get your DNS management set up fast and don’t get lost in screens of settings and switches.

        Advanced Control

        Advanced Control

        Our API and customer portal gives technical experts access to extremely granular control, from automating file-level cache expiration to injecting your own business logic into your content delivery configuration.