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      1. Secure at Every Level

        Advanced, integrated safety measures protect every facet of StackPath from the inside out, so that our services—and the solutions you build with them—have security as a first-order priority, not a second-thought add-on.

        Secure Network

        Many of our security measures cover the entire platform, thwarting malicious activity before it reaches our further hardened services.

        Secure Services

        Each StackPath service is hardened with protective features tailored to its specific operations and unique advantages.

        Secure Platform

        The first requirement for anything we develop is that it must meet the highest level of security without sacrificing performance.

        Platform-wide DDoS Protection

        Our infrastructure uses one-of-a-kind server-level DDoS mitigation technologies and best practice network architecture design to block and mitigate DDoS attacks like no other platform, and to increase total platform security by learning from each new attack.

        Strategic Sinkholes

        Our advanced architecture identifies and redirects DDoS attacks into strategic sinkholes, immediately eliminating their impact on customer systems. We analyze sunken traffic and use the intelligence to further strengthen our entire platform.

        All Layers Protected

        By default, all StackPath offerings have Layer 3 and 4 DDoS protection, courtesy of our unique hardware architecture. In addition, StackPath WAF adds Layer 7 DDoS protection to the domains under its protection.

        Geographically Distributed Protection

        Our DDoS mitigation technologies are in every server and every edge location, so traffic is analyzed and dispositioned right where and when it reaches our platform, protecting the performance and security of every StackPath service.

        Network Security

        Hackers innovate. So our whole network is designed to defend against new threats as they emerge, as well as already known threats, and extends those advantages to each service we offer.

        Network-level Encryption

        All network traffic through StackPath, including on our global private network backbone that connects all of our edge locations, is encrypted utilizing both IPSec and TLS

        Network Scanning

        Our automated platform executes regular ping sweeps and port and vulnerability scans for the detection of unauthorized usage of protocols, ports, and services, on all facets of our infrastructure.

        Malware Defense

        Every StackPath service provides extensive configuration management options for establishing authentication, preventing data gathering, and resolving issues in the rare case they arise.

        Physical Security

        Our network Points of Presence, placed in strategic locations worldwide, are operated with strict security policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of access control and system security.


        Our encrypted database verifies over 31,000 data points for access.


        Live camera feeds continuously monitor and record activity at every physical point of access and inside every cage of every facility.

        Human Verification

        Human access to any facility or location requires visual sign-in and credential verification from highly trained security personnel.

        Explore More of Our Platform

        Global Network

        Global Network

        Our 65Tbps global network features an advanced architecture, customized hardware, redundant tier-1 carrier connections, and full stack deployment in each location to create a platform that’s safer, faster, and far more flexible.

        Explore Network
        Complete Control

        Complete Control

        Our platform is fully automated and driven by robust, open APIs, which we’ve also used to build a powerful yet easy-to-use customer portal, giving you direct access to and control over your services and account.

        Explore Control