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        StackPath Partners With Sectigo to Offer Free Private SSL Certificates

        “StackPath, a rapidly growing provider of secured cloud services built at the cloud’s edge that has acquired its way to $200 million in revenues in just a few years time, now partners with Sectigo – formerly known as IT security solutions provider Comodo CA – to include private SSL certificates at no additional cost with StackPath’s content delivery network (CDN), web application firewall (WAF), and Edge Delivery subscriptions.”

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        StackPath Launches Containers, Virtual Machines on the Edge

        “StackPath platform offers less latency over public clouds. The new edge platform allows users to upload images of workloads, choose the size of the container or VM, and select which StackPath edge nodes where the workload is deployed in as fast as 60 seconds. It also complements StackPath EdgeEngine, a serverless computing service which allows developers to run code in the cloud without a server, VM or container.”

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        Edge Computing Pioneer StackPath Launches Platform for Containers, VMs

        “Dallas-based StackPath, which invented the edge computing concept, has launched what it describes as the world’s first secure edge platform with StackPath Edge Computing for containers and virtual machines. StackPath Edge Computing lets customers simply upload an image of their workload to the StackPath platform, choose a size of containers or VMs, and then select in which advanced StackPath edge nodes the workload should be deployed. The workload is then deployed worldwide in as fast as 60 seconds, the company contends.”

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        How StackPath Propels Startups To Business Success

        “The internet can be a dangerous place. Software developers and website creators are under constant attack from hackers, malware, and viruses. If they’re not careful, a project can be interrupted by these bad actors. StackPath provides a secure environment from Day 1 that allows developers to create without worry. And as a way of paying it forward, StackPath’s Propel program offers services, guidance, and networking opportunities free of charge to selected startups.”

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        StackPath EdgeEngine Uses Serverless to Strip Edge Deployment Complexity

        “StackPath launched its EdgeEngine platform that allows developers to use serverless computing technology to run code at the cloud’s edge. That means the code does not require a server, virtual machine (VM), or container… EdgeEngine will provide the foundation for more robust additions the company will start rolling out on top of the platform.”

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        Building Out the Edge

        “Absent a playbook, one of the best ways to understand an emerging market is to look at what specific players are doing and why. StackPath, the three-year-old startup founded by Lance Crosby – whose last company, SoftLayer, sold to IBM for $2 billion in 2013 – makes for a telling case study in edge computing. It’s both a consumer of edge computing infrastructure and a provider of services this kind of infrastructure enables, so it has visibility both up and down the food chain.”

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        Steven Canale: An Ardent and Visionary Entrepreneur

        “Being a successful entrepreneur means more than just conceiving new ventures. It is about having the requisite confidence and conviction behind one’s ideas. It is about taking calculated risks to develop and implement those ideas. It means having the right attitude towards a business and the determination and grit to achieve success. A successful entrepreneur has a strong inner drive that helps him or her to succeed. One such self-motivated entrepreneur is Steven Canale, the Chief Revenue Officer at StackPath.”

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        Edge is the New Cloud: Who Will Own the Edge?

        “This is why I founded StackPath, a platform of secure edge services that enables developers to protect, accelerate, and innovate cloud properties ranging from websites to media delivery and IoT services. A platform that is origin agnostic, able to hyperscale, is inherently secure, and allows users to easily connect to a fully secure SaaS world. Integrated and automated through a single API and customer portal which allows anyone to build and deploy their own solutions at the edge.”

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        100+ #Startups Globally Accepted Into StackPath’s Propel Startup Program

        “One year ago StackPath, a rapidly growing provider of secured cloud services built at the cloud’s edge and founded by SoftLayer founder Lance Crosby, launched StackPath Propel?–?a program that provides resources, insight, and expert advice to early-stage companies at no cost to them. Until today, more than 100 startups from five continents have been accepted into the program.”

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        StackPath is Pushing the Edge

        “StackPath has moved on toward the next milestone in the company’s evolution: StackPath 2.0. They’re pushing the edge, making it fast, agile, and, most notably, secure. And according to its founder, Lance Crosby, StackPath is the only company in the world doing it.”

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        Stackpath Rebrands to Help Push Integration Further

        “StackPath has unveiled its next iteration of its platform and services which brings together the multitude of brands that it has acquired over the past two years under one label. The company has also aggressively expanded its network to include more tier-1 network carries, premium peering points, DDoS mitigation and full infrastructure deployment. It can currently provide 40Tbps of global bandwidth via 45 advanced secure edged PoPs (points of presence) globally with more coming up later this year.”

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        How StackPath’s Intelligent Machine Learning Protects Financial Institutions Against Cyberattacks

        “The biggest threat to enterprise computing today is cybercrime and being hacked. StackPath has built a secure CDN that gives financial institutions and other companies a better way to protect against such costly attacks. The unique platform of products and services combined under the StackPath suite of offerings can provide IT and security professionals with the peace of mind they’ve been looking for.”

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        Business by the Numbers: StackPath CEO Lance Crosby on Data-Driven Business

        “We wanted to lead off this series with an interview with Lance Crosby, former CEO of SoftLayer and now head of StackPath, a next-generation intelligent and secure web services platform. Crosby has been a huge proponent of using a data-centric approach to validate gut business decisions, and that there are always data points to track if you know where to look.”

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        Interview with Lance Crosby, StackPath CEO

        “StackPath is a forward-thinking company that is working to reverse the trend of security being an afterthought when it comes to technology. StackPath is re-thinking the cloud…paving a path to a more secure internet.”

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        Ex-SoftLayer Chief Lance Crosby’s New Startup Acquired Its Way To $200M In Revenue In 2 Years

        “For his second act as a startup founder, Lance Crosby is using much deeper pockets to speed up the clock. It took him five years to reach $200 million in revenue with SoftLayer, the company he sold to IBM for $2 billion in 2013. Now running online security provider StackPath, Crosby’s replicated that feat in just 24 months… Such growth would make even the most viral app makers jealous, but StackPath did it while growing at a more mature company rate of 30%.”

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        Shifting the Lens: Lance Crosby’s Vision for Startups

        “It’s not everyday that you get an opportunity to chat with someone who’s built and sold a company for billions. Yes, billions with a “B”. But when you chat with Lance Crosby, you quickly discover that regardless of the big headlines and even bigger dollar signs that are often associated with his name, he’s just like one of us. He possesses the same intense drive, work ethic and excitement for making his vision a reality just like every other hardcore entrepreneur and tech founder. Crosby’s latest venture, StackPath, is on an ambitious mission to “make the internet safe again” with its frictionless and scalable security platform.”

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        Hot Dallas Startups to Watch In 2018

        “StackPath is both a content delivery network and a cloud security specialist. Content and services running on its network are getting the internet-equivalent of an armored car escort to their destination, but at race-car speeds.”

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        How Dallas-based StackPath Is Helping To Secure More Than 800,000 Businesses Worldwide With Their Security Platform

        “StackPath is a company that offers various businesses more security for their online assets, especially websites. It provides the web-based service that allows businesses to protect their websites from various online threats, such as hacker attacks and malicious programs, as well as enhance the overall performance of their websites. It offers a range of web-based services that include content delivery network, web application firewall, and DDoS mitigation.”

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        StackPath’s Speedy and Secure Content Delivery Network Helps Retailers Improve the Customer Experience and Boost Conversions

        “StackPath offers a unified solution to the problems of speed and security on the web. As a secure edge services platform, StackPath offers a number of products including a content delivery network (CDN) that occupies a layer of the internet between e-commerce websites and internet carriers. StackPath works with brands to smoothly and speedily deliver content to end users no matter where they are or what device they’re on. And with security based on machine learning integrated into the architecture of StackPath’s distributed network of servers, websites and customer data are protected from breaches and attacks.”http://www.dealcrunch.com/blog/stackpath-cdn-helps-retailers-boost-conversions/

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        Security Startup StackPath Buys Again

        “By July, when co-founder and chief executive officer Lance Crosby officially launched StackPath, it had already snapped up MaxCDN, another content delivery network with 19 points of presence around the world. Highwinds, Winter Park, Florida, is larger than MaxCDN and claims customers including game platform power Valve Corp., PBS, and Bose.”

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        Former IBM Cloud Chief Sets Sights on Hot Security Market

        “Lance Crosby, who co-founded SoftLayer, the cloud computing company IBM bought three years ago for about $2 billion, is finally ready to talk about StackPath, his cybersecurity startup. It’s a well-funded effort; StackPath has $150 million in backing from Boston-based private equity company, ABRY Partners, and another $30 million from what Crosby calls ‘friends and family.’”

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        Security-As-A-Service Startup StackPath Nabs $180M, 4 Acquisitions Including MaxCDN

        “StackPath is not your ordinary security startup. For starters, it is founded by Lance Crosby — the founder and CEO of SoftLayer, which was acquired by IBM in 2013 for $2 billion, forming the basis of its new-wave cloud computing business. And second of all, is the company’s main premise. The company is banking on the premise of building a massive security platform, and going big with a flexible SaaS-style product, as a key part of how it tackles the issue of security.”

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